Karina kaminski


Level: 14
Class: Gunner
Age: 30
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 150 lb
Deity: Balalaika
Hit Points:124 105(25+22+2 5(20 roll) +1CN))
Strength: 10
Wisdom: 14 ( 10 + 1 Class +2 DM +1AP)
Dexterity: 18 (10 + 1 + 1 Class +1ST +2AP
1 DM 2 DM))
Movement Speed: 5
Armor Class: 19 (10 + 4DEX + 5 Armor)



350 gold

2 rolls of bandage tape

Ammo bag 5 reloads per gun

Hopper legs

Small propeller ( 20 roll )

Grandpas broken 6 shooter revolver (dads office)

Found pictures of young mom dad and me

Childhood bunny

Tiny red coin

Weapon parts

6 red powder bullets (+5) makes unseen people visible

25 exploding rounds add 1D10

Trench coat: 2 AC (Gain weapon concealment)

Iron shoulders 2 AC

Bone crown 1AC


Golden gauntlets-able to have advantage on grapples and grabbing.2d8 plus 2 melee damage

Blunderbuss(shotgun) 2D10+1
When fired blunder buss sends out a blast in a cone shape up to 15 feet away (Doubles base damage when within 5ft)

Here’s hopeing(revolver)1d6+1
If player gets over nat 17 the remaining bullets fire from weapon. Instint crit within 5 ft

Scarle lettert: 3D8 (2 2) (1)(100ft)Anyone shot is branded and will take 1 additional damage from all attacks for 3turns. +1. Does not stackCannot be shot when target is 10ft or closer to user.
9 AR )

Top Shot (2D10+2) shoulder mounted gun that holds 2 bullets (48 bullets)

hookshot player can grapple a target and attempt to pull them in or grapple up to a ledge to add plus 5.nat 20 hook rotates and does and extra 2d8
2d8 plus 2

silver lining (4D8) of player gets a nat 16 or more deal 6 bleeding damage for 3 turns

Necklace that reads “Natalia kaminski”

Sirens Call once per session character can perform a nat 20 charm roll

Aquarium staff???(high priest staff (warlord weapon))

Penny for your thoughts
once a session a play can toss this coin to someone to make them forget a certain thing or believe a certain thing with instant success.the person must after a (see money chart) or (see money chart)in combat turns roll wisdom throw to remember it happened.upon 3 fails it is never remembered.
Downside is that every time use you must offer from 1 gold to 20 gold depending on severity and luck

Safe lock players items can not be stolen


Class Ability

Firearm Proficiency: The player gains a + 2 bonus to AR/DR when using firearms. Higher base ammo supply.
(Pistols +10AR +6DR)
((Sniper +6AR +3DR) +1laserpointer ))
(Shotgun +2AR +2DR)

Character Abilities

Quickdraw (Level 3): switching between 1 weapons is a minor. The first shot of a switched weapon negates dex to ac. If target is within melee range the player gets an AOP using their gun as a blunt weapon. (pistol 1D4, Shotgun 1D6, rifle 1D10 ray 2D10 (with dex roll ) )

Fast reload (Level 1): Reloading weapons is now a minor action

Dead Eye (Level 4): The player gives up mobility to focus on one target. Whenever that target attacks the player gains an AOP. If the AOP is successful and the DR deals more then 50%, the target loses that attack. Gain an additional 20ft added to the guns range. All attacks done while looking down sights gains a + 4 to AR/DR. Whenever another target breaks line of sight with the focused target, the player gains an AOP.

Akimbo (level 1)player can dual wield one handed guns and fire both guns in same action( +4 AR +2 DR)

Heightened sense(Level 3) Once per turn player can attempt to dodge one melee attack. If player successfully dodges player now gets an AOP on dodged enemy ) add plus to dodge roll (both players do a dex roll) (+1AB+2DEX MOD))


Washimine. burst fire pistol.is capable of shooting 3 bullets at once.2d6 a bullet. If player uses entire turn they can once a session unload the entire magazine or 9 bullets into an enemy

Balalaikas sight (Level 3 diety)

Once per session player can scan enemy and discover there weakness. player knows enemy’s weakness entire fight and takes no penalties or disadvantages to hitting there weak spot. Successful attacks on weak point is a automatic crit. If player encounters another enemy  like a previously scanned enemy. Player can do a INT roll to see if they remember enemy weakness

Balalaikas Judgement (level 5 diety)

Once per session player can target equal to the amount of bullets left in weapon slot .Player gets critical success on attack and does triple damage

black widow: when talking to men the player gains a +3 to bluff/intimidate/persuasion.
When I’m combat the player can attempt to charm 1 enemy at a time to not attack them for 2 turns in a fight. This ability cannot be used on the same opponent twice. Charm is cancelled if the user attacks the charmed target, or attempts to charm another. If the user successfully charms a target with a natural 15 or higher, the target will become an ally while charmed. (20 roll) -2 to bluffs against me

Expert Climber: The player takes no disadvantage when walking/running over rough terrain. Gain advantage rolls when climbing.+1 to all rolls

Magic abilities

Bullet infusion (level 2)-the player takes up to 5 bullets and infuse them with fire. If attack does more than half damage the enemy take either 2d4 burn for 1D4 turns.can only be done again when bullets are depleted.

Bolt Shot (level 1)the player takes up to 5 bullets and infuses them with electricity.bullets can travel through multiple targets within the same line.

32 HP
11 AC
Tails 1d6
Primal-Toby spends his turn in a cocoon and roll d 20 on next turn to see his strength last for 4 turns
1-5(13 ac 40 health)1
6-11(14 ac 45 health)
12-18(16 ac 55 health)3
19/20(18 ac 70 health)
Final form moves
Vortex-Toby spits out a black tar that immobilized targets.dex save 14
Screech-Toby can make targets confused.wisdom save 14
Devour-if Toby beats the ac by 5 on target who is below half during said move the target is eaten whole.


Here I am , sitting hear pondering over my childhood despising the man I called father. Growing up we were always on the move living here and there, my mother Natalia who would do anything for that man always told me we will stand by my father always. We will go where he goes , so my home was never home for long. Through this time my father forced me to be aware of everything at all times testing my senses here and there. Years of this constantly making me aware of my environment noticing the slightest details I never knew his intentions. It was just my everyday life. One day when I was old enough he told me why we were always moving , the work he did. He was a bounty hunter and he was preparing me to follow in his foot steps. I didn’t think badly off this because we were never in any danger that I kno of and my mother blinded by love never saw anything wrong as long as she was with him she was happy. So I began learning my father’s trade. He began teaching me everything there is to kno about guns and gunpowder. How different riffles shot differently and how more explosive powders and different riffleing worked. The slight changes in wind and how the slightest details needed to be known. It all became very easy because that’s all I’ve known my life . I despise the man that taught me what I kno today. The deceptive lier I believe this man always was. And my mother blinded to his ways. I found out the man he really was on that night.
Kade Cole  is his name. And that name won’t be said again until the day I kill him sacrificed my mother and I watched from a Crack in a door. The pirate by the name kron magatsu ,the man my father had been running from his whole life found him. He barged into our home that night and hearing all the commotion my mother hid me in a hiding spot then they both barged in the room gun to my father’s head. My father was so calm and it scared me as I watched. Kron kept saying names that seemed so familiar to me but I couldn’t figure out( yelling )you will pay after the list of names . Kron  asked my father "any last words " and all he asked was if he could hold and kiss his wife one last time.  He walked over to my mother and held and kissed her turning his back to a window he shoved her into kron. Reacting to the moment kron started shooting. Bullets that were intended for my father hit my mother as he jumped out the window as if he used her as a shield for his escape. That day I vowed to revenge my mother’s death and dedicated my life to the trade. Pushing my skills to the limit developing different tactics and techniques to one day kill my father. I’ve killed many people searching for that man  even kron himself so that,  I could one day find him and kill him. People say krons name ment royal disaster. So that’s the code name I gave myself and after killing him I found out those names he said were people that my father killed which got him the class master rifleman. Now. here I am, sitting here on this god forbidden ship hoping to find a lead on where this man may be. I can’t wait to see his face when he sees his own daughter is the very thing he ran from and is gonna kill him with the knowledge he gave her.

Journal entry 1
Today a master obolisc (artimist) told me i will find a person in voltec. This person is supposedly my sister who is 16 years older than me… Her name is Christina and she will help me. Also not only do i have a sister i had 8 siblings and that only her and 1 brother is alive. And that he has taken a dark path in prosperity.
I hope she has nice hair

Karina kaminski

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