Ano Phalaxiz

The Summoner



Level: 14
Class: Summoner
Age: 32
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 230
Deity: Mentocrates (God of knowledge)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Hit Points: 126…0…63….0 Shield
Strength: 10
Wisdom: 17 ( + 3 SP + 2 NP + 2 class)
Intelligence: 12
Charisma: 10
Dexterity: 10
Endurance: 10
Movement Speed: 8 (+ 2 w/ Light Armor, +1 cloak)
Armor Class: 13

Amaranthe Cloak (+1 Speed)
Solomon’s Staff
Whiplash (Robes) +3AC: Use minor action to turn around causing 2d4 slashing to enemies behind me.

Gold: 350 3-plat

8 bandages
4 pieces of fruit
(2) Herbalism Kit …Healing
(2) Alchemist Supplies +1 Fire Bomb
(2) Poisoner Kit ….Poison
Picture of Constantine knighting someone
Picture of the Initial 8 (Denmark, Constantine, Olaf, Nikolay)
Red Quill Symbol (From clothing)
Red Quill Cloak
Emerald Cloak (The eye of Amaranthe)
40lb red cylinder of sending. (Red quill sigil)
Metal pocket watch.
5 dollar bill parchment (wired face on it).
Yo-yo with blades on it.
Tunic sorry with maze
Fire eel plushie

Vials and Potions

Nail Gauntlets – 2d4 (Melee)
Solomon’s Staff 1d6+8 (Melee): Once a session, take half of the life of an enemy, must roll over a 14. If nat 20, can also shape weapon into blood weapon add 8 damage. Can make blood shield, use own health and double a shield on yourself based off of health used.

Necklace of Knowledge: Gain +3 to any type of selected subject, can change once a session but all previous subjects take a -1 every time a change occurs. (Government)

Pod of Stability: roll 3d20, on second turn, you heal that amount. Once a session. +4ac ..3 day cooldown

Class ability

•Summoners Book: Use summoners books to summon magic. Random book and magic from roll.
Current Summoners Book: Sand.


•Regional Dominance (lvl 3): If the summoner is in a elemental terrain of the current book they’re wielding, the summoner gets bonuses. +3 to attack rolls and + 3 to damage.

•Summon Elemental Construct (lvl 3): Summon an elemental construct based off the book elemental type, lasts 5 turns. The construct is always summoned at half the summoners health. Can be summoned up to 20ft away, and all summoned constructs have a signature ability.

Summon Sandslash:
Speed 8.
Sandyclaws 3d6 on hit.
Healing sands 2d8+1, must be within 5 feet.
Pitfall – The shrew burrows under the target and creates a pit under the them, Must make a dex/s 15, on failed save the target falls waste deep in the ground taking 2d6+2 damage.

•Elemental Cloak (lvl 1): Cloak of the shifting sands – Cast on self, apply a layer of sand to the myself and negates 25% of all incoming damage . Lasts 2 rounds.

•Elemental Burst(lvl 2): Sandspike – Target a creature, range 40ft and send a spike of sand to them dealing 3d6+wis damage.

•Elemental Binding (lvl1) Sanding – Target a creatures hands or legs to bind them. Target must make a dex/s dc15 on failed save, the target is either bounded by the hands or feet. if bound by the feet the target is considered immobilized or it bound by the hands they are considered flanked. Lasts 1d4 rounds.

•Elemental Shield:

•Elemental Familiar(lvl 1): On any attack the player makes, roll a separate d6, on a specified roll a familiar appears from the residual attempted attack. The familiar seeks out the elemental construct and binds to it, strengthening it.
1 extra round.
1d6 extra on any construct attack.
10 extra HP.

Bonus Abilities

•Government Proficiency: Gain +3 when dealing with all things government related. (From the Necklace Knowledge)

•Fleet Footed: Gain +2 to movement when wearing only light armor.

•The Early Bird Special: Gain a +2 to any role checks by noon each day. (6am-12pm)

•Woosah: All gasses/Smoke that would deal damage, take 2 less damage while wearing a helmet.

Cursed Abilities

Unleashed Abilities

•Sarcophagus (lvl 3): Summon a sarcophagus that entombs a target within 30 feet. Casting time takes 1 round. The tomb automatically hits on the next round and the summoner is allowed one minor action after it is finished casting. The target cannot make a dex/s. On the targets next turn they can make a str/s of 20 or higher to break free. While sarcophagus is active, all damage made towards that target is doubled. DC 17 to maintain spell.

•Tbd (lvl 1):

Deity Abilities

•Minds Eye: Once per session, the player closes his eyes and his third eye opens which allows an automatic Nat20 on inspection and perception. Details are up to the DM for each use.

•Brain Blast: Any wisdom based roll under 10 is doubled. When you Nat20 on any wisdom based roll, player may commune with their Deity to gain extra knowledge. Details are up to the DM for each use. (Minds Eye doesn’t effect Brain Blast)

Historian one time a session the player is able to instantly (nat 20)know a historical event,fact or important information that may have been lost to time or been oppressed hidden from common eyes


Life was normal, my family was just your regular common village folk. We lived in a secluded area in the brush. My twin sister Ana and I just turned 9. We were playing outside in the fields and heard a loud scream, my mother was being held by her neck being choked and father was bound and gagged, shes crying saying that she didn’t know what they were talking about. She yelled out to us to run so we did. The man holding up my mother was wearing a long trench coat emblazoned on the back was a large red feather with a black tip. Hours later we went back the house and saw it had burned down, I could see some blood at the foot of the entrance. Orphaned my sister and I we traveled around a bit and stumbled upon a group of travelers that took us in. The hunter/gatherers type. Ana learned to hunt and I learned to gather. Couple years went by, older and wiser but more stubborn, Ana and I got into a fight and walked away from each other. I walked to one side of the forest to let steam off and collect a couple herbs used for salves that we were running low on. Upon my return our whole camp was ambushed and looted. I saw a half broken bow that I know belonged to my sister with a necklace that was on the floor that my mother gave to her for her birthday. My mother never took it off when she wore it and my sister never took it off, next to the necklace was a large red feather with a black tip, my hairs stood on end. I knew who it was. I grabbed it, put it on and ran. I was only 16, alone scared. Weeks go by. I was wondering in a town and happened to cross a show called the Apothecarium of Ages. Thandril the shop keep, noticed my kinship to herbs and salves and took me in as his apprentice. He taught me how to make potions and poisons. Years go by and my knowledge for alchemical compositions increased. One day heading to the shop I saw Thandril lying dead on the floor, clenched in his hand was a piece of paper that showed me where Thandril’s secret stash of rare potions are. I found the stash and opened it up revealing just one light blue color vial that was warm to the touch and bubbly. “Place my hair in the vial and drink” was labeled on the potion. So I did, I was knocked unconscious and had a vision of being in the shop with Thandril when he was attacked. It was him again but this time I could see his face, a scar cutting down his left grimaced face and one gold tooth and an eye patch over his right eye. The jacket, that same jacket with a red feather. “What are the Red Quills doing this far south” said Thandril. “Wheres the boy?!!” said the man. I woke up, this potion gave me his vision of past sight if only for a few moments I now know his face and his group. If a potion such as this exists maybe I can find a way to make a new one to figure out what happened to my mother and father or even my sister! The necklace, I still have the necklace. That’s my catalyst! The necklace holds all the answers! I set out traveling the open oceans in hopes of discovering something that will help me know more! I need to know!

Ano Phalaxiz

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