the gladiator



+ 20Hp. + 2D

Level: 12
Class: Pit Fighter
Age: 30
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 180
Deity: Mount Olympus
Alignment: Lawful Good

Hit Points: 73 (10 + 25+ 36+ 2 END)
Strength: 14 ( + 1 SP + 2 CP + 1 NP)
Wisdom: 10
Intelligence: 11 ( 1 FSP)
Dexterity: 12 ( 1 CP + 1 NP)
Charisma: 10
Endurance: 12 (10 + 1 SP + 1 CP)
Movement Speed: 7 (5 + 2 boots)
Armor Class: 19 ( 10 + 1 DEX + 8 Armor)


61 + 75 + 26 + 70

8 bandages
X1 vile cinnamon alcohol
X1 gold tooth
x1 Black Pearl
x1 Law keeper badge (Wenthey)

Greaves (L&R): 2AC
Gauntlets (L&R): 2 AC
Brass Shield: 3 AC (Fire resistance)
Speed boots: + 2 MS 20ft vertical jump.
Spring Shield shell: 1 AC (hits targets that attack from behind. 1D6 damage. Half damage propels targets back 15ft)

Butcher’s Cleaver: 1D10 (No penalty when attacking limbs)
Piercer:1D4 (Negates AC from Armor)
Brass shield: 1D6
Chain Lasso(30ft))

Smokey orb: Gives 1 stat + 10 for 5 turns. The player takes -5 to buffed stat until they rest.


Class Ability

Call Out: The user calls out 1 target at a time. Gain + 2 to AR/DR and attempts to taunt them. Target performs a WIS check to avoid taunt. If they fail they start each turn with disadvantage on their AR until they successfully hit. Target is no longer taunted when either the player is downed or they take more than 1/4 their max health in one round. minor action.

Character Abilities

Sword & Shield Proficiency (lvl 3): Once per round. when a target successfully hits the player add 1D8 to their AC. If the new AC beats out the target’s AR, it is no longer a successful attack. Gain an additional attack per turn with a sword.
(AR: 3 ( + 2)= 3(5)/ DR: 1 ( + 2 )= 1(3))

Shield Bash (lvl 3): The player runs full sprint into their target shield first. If the player deals over 50% of their max base damage the target is Dazed. If dazed the target must perform a DEX check to remain standing. Add + 1 to AR/DR for every space the player moved. (As long as the player has 3 MS to waist they may use this ability.)
(AR: 3 ( + 2)= 3(5)/ DR: 1 ( + 2 )= 1(3))

Battle Harden (lvl 3): Due to years of fighting their skin has hardened. – 3 to incoming physical damage. If the weapon comes in contact with the player’s body, it is now dulled by 3. If a target rolls a 5 or below on a Melee attack they must roll a flat D20. If it’s a 15 or above the weapon breaks

Laquerarii (lvl 1): Gain + 2 to all lasso based rolls.
(AR: 1 + 2 ( + 2)= 3(5)/ DR: 1 ( + 2 )= 1(3))

Relentless Will (lvl 1): The player can push themselves further than most others. Gain “X” amount of charges equal to 1/3 of their END stat (3). Using a charge gives the player advantage to any roll, re-roll a natural 1, or add 1D8 to a base damage roll. The player needs to rest to regain charges. ( 4/4 Remaining )

Magic Abilities

Spirit Weapon (lvl 3): The player can manifest any weapon from their own will power. The weapon in question glows neon blue and adds + 2 to their AR. Melee weapons deal 1D10 + 3, 2 handed weapons deal 2D8 + 2, ranged weapons deal 1D6 + 5. They last for 5 turns When the weapon dissipates the player must wait 3 turns before they can create another. With every successful hit the target rolls a flat D20. If under 11 they loose 2 in a random stat. Gain random stat for 1D4 turns. (Can stack)

Deity Abilities

Blessing of Mt. Olympus: The user calls upon the gods and gains a random blessing depending on who answers. 1- Zeus,2- Aries, 3-Hermes, 4- Hercules, 5- Hades, 6- Athena. can only be used once per encounter. Can attempt to call upon a certain god. If correct double the time or amount of the blessing.

Ocean’s Bounty Abilities

Needles: 2D4 damage to all melee attackers. If grappled double the damage.

Frag (lvl 1): Once per rest the user can shoot out their needles within a 25ft AOE. Anyone caught within takes 3D4 damage. After this attack is over loos any bonuses from the needles util they return.

Iron Stomach (lvl 2): Immune to spoiled or rotten food. If the user eats a steady diet of rotten food the needles on their body begin to secret a clear poison. Add 1D4 poison damage to all needle based damage rolls.

Bonus Abilities

Culture shock: The player was born into captivity, trained to be a fighter, and then sold to a mad scientist. He has never experienced the outside world. When rolling for information or basic knowledge roll with disadvantage. (this excludes natural 20 on first roll.)

Muscle Memory: Gain advantage rolls on chariot driving, any athletic feat, and combat rolls when facing animals/Melee fighters.

Cannon Training: + 3 to all cannon rolls

AYSTAFG: Gain + 2 to reading

Nesh: Player hates the cold weather. Gain disadvantage on all rolls when in cold areas.

Paddle Proficiency: + 2 to all paddle rolls


Born into slavery, all he knows is how to survive. Raised within the walls of a colosseum Adonis was trained to fight. At first he loved it. the adrenalin he felt gave him a reason to live. He made his slow incline up the gladiator ranks. With each new obstacle that he faced, he came up with a new unique and creative way to overcome them. Whether it be lions, mutated men, or even other prized slaves from other handlers.

His old handler was the owner of the colosseum. A man that he never spoke his real name. He was always told to refer to him as the king. He would only visit him before and after every fight. It wasn’t until Adonis saw other slaves freed did he wish for a life outside the colosseum. He began not killing his competitors unless his life was threatened. He even went as far as to throw a few fights thinking that this would make the king cut him loose. What happened to him was even worse.

Adonis was sold to a mad scientist as a lab rat. This is where his survival skills were put to the test. Adonis was put through tests to study his limits in a bunch of different categories. STR, WIS, END, DEX, and others that he couldn’t even understand why. One day he woke up with a strange symbol on his chest and stomach. He has no idea why it’s there or how it got there, but he is sure that the scientist had something to do with it.

Adonis just sits there and waits for his moment to strike. He knows that the only way he will ever be free is if the scientist is dead.


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