Level: 11
Class: Thief
Age: 41
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 130 lbs
Deity: Loki
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Natural Points: 1

Hit Points: 79 -5 -1 -35 (curse)

Strength: 10

Wisdom: 12 (2 master obelisk)

Intelligence: 10

Dexterity: 12 (2 class + 3 NP-3 curse)

Charisma: 11 (1 SP)

Endurance: 11 (1 NP)

Movement Speed: 5

Armor Class: 16 (10 +2 Dex +2 Leather Armor +1 Bigsby Bracers +1 Gloves)


Gold 543
Silver 80

Waldorf’s Map
Bandages x 10
Pieces of fruit x 4
Dagger handle
Fire starter
Cantine of water
The doob (minor action) – after consumption, take extra action for two turns.
Rope x 2
Key to cells on bottom floor of ship.
Needle and thread
Long sleeve gloves
Makeshift surgical mask
Poison potion (1 D4)
Tranquilizer darts – 4 (6-12hrs)
Nuclear explozone 5×5 AOE (2 D10) + (2 D8) + (2 D6) + (1 D4 – AC)


~~~Studded Leather Jerkins (2 AC)

Gloves (1 AC)
Bigsby Bracer (1 AC)


Waldorf’s Bolo: (1 D6 +1) +1 to grapple.

Dagger(s): (1D4) + Half dex bonus Quantity: 2

Short Bow: (1D4) + Half dex bonus + arrow damage

SlingBlade: (3D4) + Half dex bonus


10 – Basic (1 D4)
~~~Root (1 D4) + ensnare
5 – Triple tip (1 D6) + 3
5 – Ball tip (2 D4)

Diety Ability

I Don’t Miss – Throwable, will come back. Only works from behind, 15ft distance. Once per session may attack three times from behind. (1D6 + 2) + half dex bonus.


~~~Stonewall Vest (2 AC) – Once per session may activate to increase endurance by 5 for 5 turns and become immune to most ailments (including poisons/gasses). After use, become fatigued and have half movement speed and minus one to all stats for 2D4 turns.

Bigsbys Bracers (1 AC) – may activate to turn arm, from the shoulder down, ethereal for 3 actions. Items grabbed may also become ethereal, depending on their size.


Class Ability:


The player attempts a slight of hand check and can take an item or weapon from an enemy with an advantage (inside or out of combat) must replace item taken with another item of similar weight. Can only use once every three turns during combat.

Character Abilities:
Fast Hands (Level 3): +3 to slight of hands checks. When a nat 20 is rolled during attack, roll damage again at half damage.

Very Dashing (Level 2): Roll a d20, result over 10 double movement speed for 1 turn. Three turn cool down.

Et Tu Bruté (Level 1): + 1 melee damage to all targets that PC is behind.

Wrench Dodge (Level 2): When the user is passing by an enemy, may use a minor action to ‘roll’ past them (1 space) without granting an attack of opportunity.

Unleashed Abilities:
Dark Matter (Level 3): Cast a shadow upon the entire floor consuming all with a 3×3 radius from body. All inside have half movement speed and take 2 D10 necrotic damage. Shadow lasts for (1 D4) + 1 turns. Must rest between uses. DC 13 Dex for allies.

Bonus Ability:

Bird caller – +2 bonus to all social interactions with flightless.

Authentically pathetic – Everyone sees the character as ‘pathetic’ and gives pity to them more often than not.

Sewing proficiency teir 2


Age 15ish – I pretended to be a bar keep in a tavern in Craftella. Met a big game hunter named Waldorf who I tricked into thinking I was simply a bar keep. When he let his guard down, I stole a pouch of gold containing 55 Gold pieces and a red crystal. After discovering my theft, he threw his bolo around my feet, capturing me. In route to Voltet (main jail) we were attacked by a band of robbers. Convincing them that we had nothing of value, Waldorf decided to keep me around as a ward. I learned how to use a bow from him, as well as throwing daggers.

Age 19ish – Eventually landing on the ‘big game island’ called Brackish, Waldorf went out to hunt for dangerous game, but was captured by The Government, but not before almost being eaten alive. The Government saved him from certain death. After waiting until nightfall, I make my way to the main island of Brackish, I discovered it to be swarmed by The Government. I lose my boat due to a storm, and am forced to live off the land of the island. I find out Waldorf died roughly three and a half months later, unable to ever get close enough to see him. They fed him to the animals after his death but I was able to reach him before the animals did. I was able to loot off his body his bolo, a compass, 89 gold, and a map of the world with sections that are circled. The circles are areas with big game, which was his dream to hunt. On the back of that map reads “Find these and you will never be poor again. Next time, be quicker.” After a day or two, the storm subsides, and I stow away on a boat of cows heading toward Trevana. I am caught after injuring a cow in a feeble attempt to kill it for food. Collapsing shortly thereafter, I wake up in a jail cell.


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